Computing Devices

With 2 in 1 devices one user can combine the portability of a tablet and the productivity of a powerful laptop. With the recent past experiences we had worldwide the opportunity in the COVID19 scenario it seems evident that most of the government will rethink how to address the needs of the student community where being offline or online extends opportunity to inclusive education.

We have seen Government of India announce through UGC to the top 100 NIRF institutions to utilise an online platform SWAYAM for extending higher education to students who are unable to attend classes in offline mode. The chances are that mobility devices with extended battery life will get acceptability among the learner community who want to be “online” irrespective of “location”. Here are a dozen more reasons why 2 in 1s are our best bet.

  1. Light and Stiff 
  2. We Can Do It All 
  3. They Help Our Computers Help Us
  4. We Can Take Our Work With Us 
  5. They Have Power 
  6. They Give Us More Free Time 
  7. Editing Like a Pro is possible
  8. Their Sound Is Amazing
  9. They’ll Save us Money 
  10. Gaming is Great Again 
  11. We Can Take Our Fun With Us 
  12. Size and Features can be scaled