Project Management Services

Expertise, Guidance, and Coordination—from Project Planning to Completion

Despite the many hours spent carefully planning a critical IT project, it may fail without the right oversight, guidance, and coordination. Project failures are not only widespread—they’re extremely costly.

There are many root causes behind these stats, including:

  • Inadequate communication
  • Change in organization’s priorities and objectives
  • Poor planning and planning processes
  • Failure to adequately identify, document, and track requirements
  • Inadequately trained Project Managers
  • Lack of skilled resources
  • Poor budget management

Careful coordination and management of people, processes, and technology are critical to the success of complex IT projects. We established our IT Program and Project Management services to overcome these challenges ensure that our clients achieve their project goals—on-time and within their budget. In addition, we help our clients:

  • Minimize implementation time
  • Avoid risks and pitfalls
  • Adapt to changing priorities and needs
  • Achieve greater adoption of new processes and technologies
  • Maximize ROI of their projects

Our IT Project Management Services

Our Project Managers provide the expertise, guidance, and oversight that organizations need to ensure the success of their project. Leveraging this experience, we bring industry, and methodology knowledge to our clients’ projects. We know the best practices, pitfalls to avoid, and the right actions to take when something doesn’t go as expected.

Our Program and Project Managers assist companies in many ways including:

  • Planning and defining scope
  • Providing team leadership and mentorship
  • Assigning and coordinating the right resources, when and where they’re needed
  • Managing the project to the budget and providing forecasts
  • Managing risks and responding to issues
  • Coordinating projects/tasks and interdependencies
  • Aligning deliverables with desired business outcomes
  • Creating and managing documentation
  • Ensuring and controlling quality of deliverables
  • Ensuring milestones and goals are achieved on-time and within the budget

Benefits of Outsourced IT Project Management:

  • Flexibility: Alpha Max can adapt to your organization’s specific needs and scope.
  • Investment in Your Organization:Through collaboration and proven toolsets, your organization benefits from dedicated and personalized guidance.
  • A Strategic Partnership:Led by experienced professionals, we gain a deep understanding of your mission, business processes, and specific industry to drive efficiency and help you succeed.